Coloured Handbags for Your Winter Wardrobe

Put away the neon and embrace warmer colours for winter handbags. These colours are available in any variety of shapes from an over-sized clutch to a structured satchel. Choose a colour that best suits your needs, your personality, and which co-ordinates with most of your winter wardrobe.

Colour: Red

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Shades to look for: burgundy, claret, merlot, ruby red.

Looks great with: deep, rich jewel tones look great on patent leather bags, while more vibrant reds are better for a canvas tote.

Colour: Neutrals

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Shades to look for: browns, camel, charcoal, ivory.

Looks great with: neutrals are a great way to bring light into the winter months, or mix multi-media tones in a colour-block design.

Colour: Black

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Shades to look for: black.

Looks great with: black is always a classic for winter handbags in a soft leather.

Colour: Blue

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Shades to look for: navy, dark ocean tones, sapphire.

Looks great with: look for jewel tones and subdued shades with silver hardware.

Colour: Purple

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Shades to look for: royal, plum, eggplant.

Looks great with: this royal shade looks gives a classic winter look when paired with glam embellishments.


These colours look best alongside other accent hues such as mustard, burnt orange, or dark green to create the perfect winter handbag. Select a neutral handbag with an accent trim or stripe. Look for a dark handbag with neutral accents or light hardware. Avoid bright colours such as tangerine, hot pink, spring greens, or teal.

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